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Gateway Capital, Inc.
We are a financial services company based in Amarillo, Texas. We have been in business since 1986 and our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. Gateway Capital, Inc. purchases existing real estate notes. If you are receiving payments on a commercial or residential real estate note and are considering selling it, we can provide a quick quote. Quotes can be based upon different alternatives, including buying the note in one or more payments or buying only part of a note. We are fast and friendly and seek to structure our offers based upon your individual needs.

Why Consider Selling a Note?
Notes are sold for a number of very valid reasons. Below are a few of the reasons we have encountered:

  • Immediate cash needs for purchasing or remodeling a home, sending children to college, starting a business.

  • Liquidating real estate notes held by an estate or trust for lump-sum distribution to beneficiaries.

  • Selling notes at retirement to provide time and funds for retirement pursuits. Also, convert notes to liquid funds for easier transfer to heirs.

  • Eliminate the burden of making sure the property (collateral on the note) is properly maintained, taxes are being paid, adequate insurance is in place and required annual IRS reports are prepared and filed. Also, remove concern over the possible need to foreclose the property.

  • Create a note for the transfer of equity in a residence in the event of a divorce. Sell the note for cash.

  • Liquidate notes held by Medicare and Medicaid recipients in order to qualify for support.